Silent words

You came up for a while when Jesus called you were content to go. For who would stay to watch the dreary cycle of the nights turn coldly grey with each return of the day , this world was not your home. Would god allow his child to wander long without a home. Which heContinue reading “Silent words”


The world is a game. Bullying people is a shame. Loneliness is good. You should walk in the wood. Be friendly to all. And never show that you are tall. Maintain a dignity Which not all can see.


I cried ” no, no, no.” Then boss laughed ” go, go,go.” Then I pleaded ” Why.? Then with a serious look he said ” Because you lie.” Then I said ” if I would have done that then I would die.” Then my boss politely said ” please don’t shy.” I did not understandContinue reading “Fired”

nagging { greek}

Το ναυτία είναι λάθος. Είναι μια μορφή διανοητικών βασανιστηρίων, μια επίθεση ενός τρόπου με τις λέξεις. Βγαίνει από το εγώ και την έλλειψη κατανόησης και είναι μια πράξη εγωισμού επειδή θέλετε να ακούσετε με κάθε κόστος και θέλετε τον τρόπο σας, ανεξάρτητα από το τι. Όταν οι γονείς γέρνουν τα παιδιά τους, είναι πολύ επιβλαβές.Continue reading “nagging { greek}”

Kenn Nesbit

He is a great poet, writer and made poems which were funny and had funny instances. Like ‘My teacher took my iPod’, ‘ Saw my teacher on a Saturday.’ They are really worth reading for children. His books are also famous and are amazing. He makes the complicated scenes of his life funny or funnyContinue reading “Kenn Nesbit”


“This wasn’t a dream” I cried. But deep inside I knew I lied. Then I tuned to the other side. But it did not help. Frightening I felt. There was suddenly a hand on my head. Then I thought ‘ I am dead.’ Then it felt calm. I could feel the heat of the palm.Continue reading “DREAM”


Nagging is wrong. It is a form of mental torture, a one way assault of words. It comes out of ego and a lack of understanding and is an act of selfishness because you want to be heard at all costs and you want your way, no matter what. When parents nag their children itContinue reading “Nagging”


When someone is walking on the streets crying it always does not indicate emotion only, there can be a case of murder or kidnapping. So beware of it. Help the person who needs help. When children cry for toys, the freedom fighters cry for justice and freedom, the victims cry for help!! Never ignore, fightContinue reading “Help!”


There are some people who differentiate. And I really hate them, they don’t have any sense of humanity and differentiate between whites and blacks, fat and slim and even men and women. To stop them we humans will have to protest spread general awareness. People get depressed and even commit suicide. We should stop it,Continue reading “Demolishing”


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